Kerax HyperDrive KXR 5W30 VAG Fully Synthetic 5L Litre


Kerax HyperDrive 5W/30 FS 504/507 is a fully-synthetic high performance motor oil which delivers outstanding performance with high fuel economy and extended drain intervals and is suitable for use in the entire range of VW passenger cars. Formulated to meet mid-SAPS requirements, it is fully compatible with the latest diesel particulate filters (DPF) and gasoline catalytic converters, thus extending the life and efficiency of post-exhaust treatment devices currently used in the latest generation gasoline and diesel cars.

  • Mid SAPS technology reduces particle build-up in DPFs extending regeneration intervals and catalytic converter life
  • Reduction in deposit and sludge tendency extends oil life
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity for improved cold start and protection against wear at start-up.
  • Optimised frictional and anti-wear properties enable long-lasting fuel efficiency and extended engine life


  • VW: 504.00 / 507.00
  • ACEA:C3-12
  • BMW: Longlife-04
  • MB: 229.51
  • Porsche C30

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