Kerax 15W40 E7 MINERAL ENGINE OIL E7 5L 5 Litre


15W/40 E7 SL/CI-4 is a top-tier mixed-fleet multi-grade engine oil suitable for use in the latest heavy duty diesel and petrol engines. 15W/40 E7 SL/CI-4 meets the latest ACEA and API performance levels and is formulated for use in Euro III and Euro IV technology vehicles where low SAPS levels are not specified. 15W/40 E7 SL/CI-4 meets exhaust emission standards implemented in 2002, sustains engine performance where exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is used and can be used with diesel fuels containing up to 0.5% sulphur.
    • Wide Ranging Fleet Product for Diesel and Petrol Engines
    • Excellent Protection for European, US and Japanese Engines.
    • Protects against Wear and Ring Sticking at High Temperatures, maintaining Engine and Oil Performance.
    • Low Oil Consumption and Extended Oil Drain Intervals
    • Excellent High and Low Temperature Performance
    • Long Lasting Dispersant, Anti-wear and Corrosion Protection
    • API SL/CI-4
    • ACEA: A3/B3, A3/B4, E3, E5, E7
    • Cummins: CES 20071, 72, 76, 77, 78
    • Mack: EO-M Plus
    • MB: 228.3, 229.1
    • VW: 505.00 quality
    • Volvo: VDS-3
    • MAN: M3275
    • RVI: RLD
    • Global: DHD-1

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