Status Car Protect Kit

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Status Car Care Blue -36 C Frost Protection Concentrate Antifreeze Coolant 5L 5 Litre

Based on nitrate, amine, phosphate, borate and silicate-free monoethylene glycol (MEG), provides maintenance-free protection against freezing and boiling while providing excellent corrosion protection in cooling systems when mixed with the appropriate levels of water.  

Status Car Care Heavy Duty Traffic Film Remover TFR - 5 Litre

A Heavy Duty Traffic Film Remover for professional use providing up to 250 Litres with dilution.

Status Car Care Screenwash All Seasons & Winter -14 C 5 Litre

Non smear – fast action, fragranced Screenwash offering sub zero temperature performance suitable for all seasons.

Status Car Care ISO22241-1 AdBlue® 10 Litre with Free Pouring Spout

Status Car Care - AdBlue® 10L canisters with an integrated spout with a capacity of 10 litres. This innovative spout will save you time and effort, thanks to its breathing pipe that help the product to flow out of the can easily. Also, you do not need to look for the spout as it is always nicely and cleanly packed together with the canisters.