Status Car Care 15W40 E2 Super MINERAL ENGINE OIL 20L 20 Litre


15W/40 SL/CH-4 is an advanced super multi-grade engine oil formulated to meet the performance requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API) SL/CH-4 classification for normally aspirated and turbo-charged petrol and diesel engines.

    • Excellent high and low temperature performance
    • Good protection against ring sticking at high temperatures, maintaining oil performance whilst minimising oil consumption and emissions
    • Very high standard of engine cleanliness
    • Excellent sludge control protection designed for stop-go city motoring
    • Long lasting dispersant, anti-wear and corrosion protection
    • Long term service life
    • API: SL/CH-4
    • ACEA: A3, B3, B4, E2, E3
    • MB: 228.1, 229.1
    • Volvo: VDS
    • VW: 501.01, 505.00
    • MAN: 270/271



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