Status Car Care 5W30 C3 DEXOS 2 20 Litre Oil 20L


Fully Synthetic 5W/30 C3 engine oil is produced from high quality synthetic base oils and top-tier performance additives.

  • Suitable for use in petrol and diesel engines requiring VW specified lubricant performance
  • Blended to ensure fuel efficiency, reduced wear and low emissions.
  • Low SAPS technology delivers a high level of engine cleanliness and protection from combustion contamination.
  • Provides optimum performance and engine protection at temperature.
  • Recommended for vehicles 2004-2008 requiring A3,B3,B4
  • API: SN/CF
  • ACEA:C3-12
  • BMW: Longlife-04
  • GM: Dexos 2 (formerly GM GEOS)
  • MB: 229.31, 229.51
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